In My Shoes, by Adrian Stephens
Adrian Stephens, Author
In My Shoes, by Adrian Stephens
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Adrian Stephens
© Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved
Jake thought Nicole was the perfect girl. Nicole thought Jake was just another clown, cut from the same cloth as his best friend, Mike. After Nicole harshly rejects Jake in his attempt at a date, Jake vows he would never treat a guy like that if he were a girl. The next day, his unintentional wish comes true as they wake up in each others' rooms...and bodies. Jake and Nicole quickly learn that being the opposite sex has its challenges. Not knowing how this happened or if and when they will change back, they soon realize they will need to work together or risk wrecking each others' lives. Along the way, they may just find they have more in common than they thought possible.

In My Shoes is available in hardcover and most digital formats. For a preview, click here. To find out if your favorite retailer carries it, click here!
As a first time author, it has been exciting for me to track where copies of my book are being sold. For those of you who might be interested, I thought I would share my progress with you. Each time a copy is sold to a customer in a new state/country, through either,, Apple iBookstore or through my website, I will update the map below to show new sales. The map will be updated as needed. I cannot track all sales data (some retailers do not provide location of sales, and Kindle sales are not tracked by state), so if you purchase my book, and your state/country isn't listed, feel free to contact me to add it. If you would like to be the first person to purchase the book in your state/country, click here! In My Shoes has now been sold in over six countries on 3 continents.
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