In My Shoes, by Adrian Stephens
Adrian Stephens, Author
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Adrian Stephens
© Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved
Some students have been reading In My Shoes as part of class projects. A few have sent their projects to me. I have been enjoying seeing how different people interpret and express my thoughts into their own, and so I thought I would create a page just to show off their work. If you have an In My Shoes project you would like to share, contact me here. It may just make it on this page.

In My Shoes by Adrian Stephens
Summary Poem by Gavi, Aliso Viejo, CA (8th Grade)

It all began in physics class.
All Jake wanted was to pass.
Nicole rejected and they switched lives,
Neither knowing how they’d survive.
The first day was spent giving lessons,
Learning basics, pushing buttons.
Day and night learning who they are,
Making sure friends don’t see something bizarre.
The best friend found something wrong,
And thus Mike was brought along.
Emotions running wild,
Nicole and Jake rarely smiled.
But the girl’s friend became suspicious,
Jessica decided to be courageous.
A simple invitation led to a movie date,
Nicole was stuck going as Jake.
The date ended badly,
True feelings admitted sadly.
Jake as Nicole and Nicole as Jake
Their real feelings making them ache.
A week went by and nothing changed,
Their lives completely rearranged.
Growing feelings the next two days,
Until the relationship was set ablaze.
During the night, they changed back.
Only to have a panic attack.
Jake and Nicole soon found
That together they were safe and sound.
It took six years and then they married.
Happily together while Nicole carried.
Until one day when things were said
And they found themselves switched back again.
Compare and Contrast 2 Books by Polina F., Las Vegas, NV
(8th grade)

In an average teenage life, this teenager reads many books. Two of those books may have been "13 Reasons Why" by Jay Asher and "In My Shoes" by Adrian Stephens. These two astonishing books are both magnificent. I personally have read these two books and have my own judgment and similarities.

"13 Reasons Why" by Jay Asher is a significant book, but in the end it all goes immoral. This is a heartbreaking book, which brings many people to tears. It deals with a catastrophe. Hannah Baker, the main character who is a youthful girl in high school. Hannah gets bullied around too much. She gets made fun of and she is included in school rumors. In the end, Hannah has had enough and ends her life in suicide. People learn that just because it seems fun bullying other people, they can get hurt. Teenagers learn the consequence that may happen due to maltreatment or mockery. It may be a depressing book, but it teaches juveniles a good moral.

The book "In My Shoes" by Adrian Stephens is a middle-aged book. It is about a girl who turns in to a boy and vice-versa. These two adolescents have to work out their problems together even though they despise each other. This book shows and explains the average teenage life. It interprets what a youngster faces every day. This publication's impression is child related but has some grown-up humor. The novel has a boy waking up as a girl and as the boy is coming to his senses he starts to notice his female anatomy. The story is great for kids because these characters are illustrated and presented as modern day teens would. In conclusion, this best seller is marvelous and enlightens the mood.

Overall these books may have different morals, but they share some similarities. These stories both deal with the teenage life. These characters are all in their high school stage where drama seems to hit everyone once in a while. These childish children try to find their way to an open door, which will help them out in their situations. Two different books written by two different authors almost have the same moral.